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Next Practices in Business Service Management





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The  2011 BSM Benchmark Survey measures the maturity of Business Service Management initiatives industry-wide and perceptions across departments and roles. You will find the final report both interesting and intriguing.

The current state of BSM maturity (represented in red on the chart) is that IT is playing catch-up with business maturity, and the fact is that businesses are maturing at faster rate than IT. The challenge for IT is to maximize the pace of change and demonstrate strategic value to the business.

2011_bsm_maturityA few take-a-ways from the 2011 BSM Benchmark Study include:
  • Both Business and IT personnel agree on the high-level definition of Business Service Management
  • Businesses are maturing at a higher rate than IT and, as such, IT is struggling to keep pace with the business
  • There remains a significant “information” gap between business and IT regarding how technology could, or should, be leveraged to support business growth and competitive differentiation
  • Nearly half of enterprises have achieved pretty good alignment with their business counterparts and are meeting expectations
  • Too many IT shops are in danger of being marginalized as the lack of investment in IT leads to less innovation and IT services that are inadequate to satisfy the longer term needs of the business

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Troy DuMoulin
AVP Strategic Solutions
Pink Elephant "The survey results captured in this BSMreview report confirms the importance of IT Service Management adoption as a means of focusing IT strategy on business outcomes and objectives. Specific findings reflecting that Business Service Metrics are best improved by the maturity of IT Management processes and ITIL adoption does indeed point to an increased generation."

Vance Brown
CEO and Chairman
Cherwell Software
“Today’s business initiatives cannot relegate IT as an afterthought.   At Cherwell, we believe that technology is needed for every aspect of business.  The results of BSMreview’s 2011 survey confirms this need in the business context of “RITE” … meaning that IT decisions and deliverables must be Relevant, Integrated, Timely and Efficient if IT is to successfully align with their business customers.”

Matt French
Marketing Director
“IT agility is dependent upon extreme collaboration and transparency. Tools and process can't get in the way of getting IT service management work done. IT staff must be able to resolve known business problems with limited IT resources. For ServiceNow, this BSM Review maturity report highlights the different kinds of business demands on IT and the resulting need for a collaborative platform that can bridge the gap between IT and business.”

Audrey Rasmussen
“As is typical for major transformations such as BSM, progress never seems fast enough and accurately gauging progress is a continual challenge.  This BSM Maturity benchmark study provides a view of the current “state of BSM”, giving BSM practitioners perspectives on their own “state of BSM” and how it compares with other BSM initiatives, as well as a benchmark to measure their progress.”

Pete Goldin
"BSM is the common ground where IT and business meet. BSMreview's 2011 BSM Benchmark Study makes the clear case that with BSM, IT organizations have an opportunity, and a responsibility, to collaborate with and catch up to their business counterparts, and deliver the promise of IT as a key strategic component of the business."

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