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Next Practices in Business Service Management



2011 Annual Business Service Management Survey
brought to you by BSMReview.com

BSMReview.com is conducting our first annual survey to measure the maturity of Business Service Management (BSM) initiatives industry-wide.  

The objective of the survey is to benchmark the adoption, perceptions and expectations of aligning IT and business within a variety of industry segments. The survey will help refine the definition of Business Service Management, quantify its value to the organization and provide the data necessary to measure IT and business alignment based on market and business maturity.

Survey participants will be provided a complimentary copy of the 2011 BSM Report, with analyses by BSMReview experts, and will be invited to participate in a webinar that discusses the results. Participants will learn:

1.      Value: How are other companies assessing the value of BSM?

2.      Maturity: How does our BSM maturity stack in comparison to others?

3.      Alignment: What are others doing to better align business with IT?

4.      Comparison: How do our BSM initiatives compare with others?

5.      Metrics: How are others measuring effectiveness of IT/Business alignment?

6.      Norms: What are the norms for BSM adoption within my industry segment?

The 2011 BSM survey consists of 19 questions and will take approximately 10 minutes to complete.  Our goal is to obtain survey response from both IT and business personnel, so we strongly encourage forwarding the survey link to colleagues who will benefit from participating. Survey participation is 100% anonymous.
































The 2011 BSM survey consists of
19 questions and will take
approximately 10 minutes.

Survey participation is
100% anonymous


[NOTE: Survey participants will receive a complimentary copy of the
2011 BSM Survey Report]