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One of my previous entries - the misuse of computers? - has sparked off lots of comments recently  so I thought I would write another one in the same vein.

Whilst we all want our customers to buy our latest and greatest bit of technology I do worry about people who buy things they want rather than need, especially when they can't afford them and are adding to the world's debt mountain. 

As an aside when did we start counting billions wrong? When I was young, a billion was a million million, not a thousand million. So I assume the Americans (God bless them) wanted to have lots of billionaires so they changed it. However, that now means that their debt is measured in trillions rather than billions, which makes it sound a lot more. So which is better, more billionaires and trillions of debt or no billionaires and billions of debt? Answers on the back of a £50 note to me please.

Back to technology: 

  • I have a Virgin V+ box thing (like Tivo in the US) which records stuff whilst we are away. Great when it works - useless when your cable supply doesn't.  
  • Lots of people tell me I should get myself an iPad. Why? I can't type on a screen at any speed and I refuse to wander round taking photos with an iPad - makes you look a complete moron. I have a laptop, I have a very good camera, as far as I aware I don't NEED an iPad.
  • I've looked at the so-called Smart cameras. It would appear that they now want me to take photos and send them to a cloud and hey presto they pop up on my laptop. Surprise, surprise, I do that already. Ok it takes me a few clicks, but it's not exactly difficult, and I didn't have to buy any new equipment.
  • You will probably be surprised to learn that I don't have a Smartphone (even though I wrote a book predicting they would come out many years ago). If I were still working and travelling then I am sure I would have one, but being retired now I cannot really see why I NEED constant access to the Internet. If it were free I might change my mind, but the only time I really NEED the Internet is occasionally when I am travelling and then they charge you an iniquitous amount of money for roaming, so I simply look for a bar with free Wifi and have a drink whilst using my netbook. I admit I need to go back and look at the various options and price plans again, but the vast majority of them do not seem to be designed for the occasional traveller?   
I'm not saying all new technology is rubbish, some of it is wonderful (mobile phones, texting, digital cameras, music downloads, e-books etc.), but to run blindly into every new bit of technology saying YES YES without asking yourself whether you actually need it is what annoys me. Also I think way too many people naively believe that technology never breaks. Doooh! Perhaps I'm an old cynic (no perhaps) but I assume everything is going to break at some time so I have everything of importance backed up in several places. And last but not least, could the manufacturers please understand that not all of us are actually surgically attached to the Internet 24 hours a day - some of us have lives!

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