Change or Irrelevance: Career Changing Technologies

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Rapid, breathtaking technology advances are forcing radical changes not only in how IT organizations function, but also in terms of their culture, leadership, and even careers. Combined with business, social and global trends, as well as technology investing (spending), IT organizations must accelerate their organizational change plans in order to survive and thrive. They must assess and plan for complete transformation - strategy, structure, people, processes, and tools.

Are we preparing our IT professionals to plan for and make these changes? Are we helping them position themselves and their organizations for success in this dynamically evolving world?

This Cutter Consortium article assess and addresses the impacting wave of the rapidly changing IT and business trends on traditional IT careers, positions, and skill sets.

This wake-up call is best described by a quote from four-star US General (Ret.) Eric Shineski: "If you don't like change, you'll like irrelevance even less."

This direct and powerful call to action for the BSM Review audience focuses on: 

  • The urgent and undeniable need for IT professionals to examine their skill sets today against those required tomorrow;
  • The significance of industry and business changes as they radically impact IT organizations, cultures, professionals, and careers over the next five years; and game-changing developments, including cloud computing (hosted services and software solutions), the virtual desktop, mobile computing, IT sourcing, and remote / virtual workers.
"As IT leaders, we must coach our IT professionals out of and beyond their comfort zone, raise the bar on their expected ingenuity and vision to meet future challenges, and establish a sense of urgency in them. We must help them reevaluate and retool themselves for the limitless opportunities and possibilities in front of them to deliver business value, competitive advantage, and customer loyalty." 

A free download registration page is available for you to receive a complimentary copy of my article entitled the IT's Change Imperative in PDF format.

It's located here:

Embrace the change.


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