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Sorry for lack of blogging in recent months, but the birth of our first granddaughter changed all our priorities! Wonderful to have a cuddle and then hand back the problem - wish computer systems were like that!

Anyway, what has been happening here in the UK in recent times? We had an election, and for those of you who don't follow UK politics, here is a quick recap. The country was run for 14-odd years by a bunch of incompetent idiots, who drove us to the edge of bankruptcy by spending lots of money we didn't have - that's Labour. The other major party is called the Conservatives, who at least appeared to understand the problem, and promised to do something about it by cutting back on stupid spending. The third party - Liberal Democrats - had absolutely no chance of winning and I'm not quite sure what they stand for except a change to our voting system whereby they would win more seats.  

We then mad a stupid mistake and asked the public to choose. The public, unfortunately, were too thick to understand how bad the problem was and couldn't make up their minds who to vote for. So now we have a Coalition between Conservative and Lib Dem, which of course means that everyone complains that they didn't get the party they voted for and the government is not doing what they promised.

Several observations:

They did get what they voted for - they were just too stupid to realise that the result was obvious unless they voted intelligently.

We still waste money on stupid things.

We are about to have a referendum on this Alternative Voting malarkey - what a total waste of time and money - but that was the price of the Coalition.

Some conclusions.

Never ask the general public if you want a sensible result.

Don't complain when you get what you asked for.

No government ever delivers what they promise, but I wish they would stop worrying about votes and fix the country.

Some parallels in computing:

If you want something done properly, lay down the rules (ITIL, CobIT etc) and make people stick to them. If we'd controlled the banks and the government in this country we wouldn't be in this mess now.

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