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As an advocate of using "agile" principles to improve the alignment of business and IT, I'd encourage evaluation of the March, 2011 Agile Enterprise Forum 2011 ...which addresses how the CIO can effectively speed the development of business-oriented software. The need to restructure the process of developing new applications and modifying existing applications seems mandatory if IT is going to enable their users to stay ahead of the competitive curve.  Israel Gat's session on "Agile Governance: Tying Delivery to Value" is a business service management (BSM) approach to ensuing tangible value is delivered to IT's business customers by IT development ...cutting through traditional blockages.    

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The enterprise IT service management platform combines ITIL process support and SaaS delivery to provide a flexible, intuitive and self-managing, cloud-based application. Founded in 2004, uses a new business model and modern technologies to transform IT. According to the 2010 Inc. 500 list, is the fastest-growing IT management software company.

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There has been some discussion of virtual sprawl vs. virtual stall - what they mean and why they occur. Late night rumination led us to the following thoughts:

Virtual sprawl
is primarily a problem of management - determining and implementing the policies, procedures and workflows necessary to monitor and maintain control over the proliferation of logical assets. 

Virtual stall is primarily a problem of fundamental architecture, i.e. how you will deliver services and how you will structure IT operations - at some point, it appears to be at 30 - 35% infrastructure virtualization - the business managers (hopefully) and the IT staff realize that they are on a path which will fundamentally alter how they operate.

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