Chevron CIO on how to increase maturity of BSM

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At the following blog post by Chris Curran in CIO Dashboard, he quotes Louie Ehrlich, CIO, Chevron Corp,

It is a first person example of the CIO challenges of moving up the BSM maturity model, and the need to get your IT fundamentals in place prior to shaping IT deliverables in a business context ...which is needed prior to moving to the strategic business discussion of making technology a better enabler of effective business goals.

Mr. Ehrlich references the different types of business executives he has dealt with, and offers three requirements to becoming a "business strategist CIO."  I would offer that those requirements need to be done sequentially for best effectiveness.  Great insight on BSM from someone who has been there and done that.

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This is an excellent, insightful interview. It echos the comments made by Robert Urwiler, CIO of Vail Resorts. To realize the full effects of a successful BSM initiative the CIO must not only understand the business to add value, but also must be able to manage expectations and play the role of evangelist for IT.

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