The Emperor's New Clothes?

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There are many things I don't understand in this world, for instance:

  • Why anyone would pay money to listen to Tony Blair, Bono or Coldplay
  • Why Nadal cannot find any underwear that fits
  • Why any footballer (UK) is worth more than about $10 a week
  • Why anyone would care what any "celebrity" does
  • Why we can't find a religion that encourages tolerance and mutual respect
  • Why we put with systems that don't do what we want
  • etc.
I have this sinking feeling that a lot of the time people are afraid to be different, and think they have to conform to the public view. IMHO, that's sad. If you don't like something, you should be allowed to say so in a constructive fashion. If you get into trouble for that, then you're probably in the wrong job / working for the wrong company.

For instance, at the company I used to work for I thought the expenses system was the most badly designed piece of rubbish I had ever come across, and said so. They agreed and implemented a new one. Unfortunately it was worse, so I left, but by then lots of other people were complaining too, which to me was a result.

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well if it is the company I am thinking of, that is hardly suprising Peter ..... ;)


I have worked with a number of very large companies - if employees are to be believed none of them have had expense reimbursement systems to brag about - some of them far worse than others! It's a problem unlikely to ever by cured!

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