Introducing the first BSM Maturity Model

| No Comments | No TrackBacks today introduced a BSM Maturity Model for the rapidly growing business-oriented service management market. is the leading online community for Business Service Management (BSM) "next" practices. is dedicated to the delivery of thought leading content that offers business and IT executives a vendor independent community that can move BSM forward in its goal of reducing IT's cost, increasing IT's efficiency and lowering IT's risk as judged by IT's customers ...which are the business units.

The BSM Maturity Model provides a framework to assess where a company stands from a BSM perspective - that is the alignment of IT investments to service the business in the context of business strategy, goals and objectives.

"The IT industry is full of maturity models that focus on the maturity of the IT organization", said Rick Berzle, co-founder of "Our unique approach to BSM maturity focuses on business maturity and puts IT maturity in the context of the business."

Organizations should use the model to frame the BSM discussion between IT and Business leadership. The goal is to establish a common understanding of the value of BSM to the organization and to gain agreement regarding the level of business maturity that should drive IT initiatives. Simply going through the exercise will provide clarity regarding both IT and business perceptions of alignment - tactical and strategic.

"Maturity models derived by IT provide a useful reference point for IT, but does little to support alignment with the business. Approaching BSM maturity from a business point-of-view provides a meaningful yard stick to evaluate IT maturity in the context of the business", said John Wallace, Executive Chairman CIO Connect.

Promotional sponsors for the new BSM Maturity Model include: Pink Elephant ( the leading provider of ITIL training and certification services, ( the pioneer on on-demand IT service management based on ITIL best practices, Computer Associates ( and itSMFusa ( the USA chapter of the ITSMF international organization.

The BSM Maturity Model is available in a white paper entitled "Why doesn't the business drive BSM?".

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