All quiet on the Western Front

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Sorry, I have been very quiet on here for a while. Combination of a big birthday (numbers wise), and the fact that I am writing a book for BMC - more about that when it is ready to be published.

The interesting thing is that not much has annoyed me recently - normally the reason for my blogging! Could this be due to the fact that we now have a Government, which is saying sensible things like 

  • Cut the ridiculous amounts of spending in the public sector, which we can't afford (stop stupid IT projects that don't bring any benefit)
  • Stop wasting time and money on ridiculous Health and Safety measures (sensible ones yes, unnecessary compliance no)
  • Allow teachers to bring back discipline at school (don't start me on unregulated projects)
  • Ignore overpaid idiots in the European Parliament, who come up with fatuous suggestions on how to waste more of our money (the latest was buying eggs by weight rather than half a dozen - dooh!)
  • Sort out the pension debacle / stop paying welfare to those who don't need it / deserve it   
  • etc.
Life is by no means perfect here in the UK, and we have an incredibly long way to go, due to the uncontrolled profligacy of twelve years of Blair and Brown, but I see light at the end of the tunnel. What we all have learnt (I believe) in recent times, is that you can't have everything you want, just because you'd like it. If you can't afford it and you don't need it, then tough. I'd like an Aston Martin DBS, but I can't afford it and I don't really need it.

Unfortunately today's society (here in the UK) is almost entirely driven by "what's in it for me?"  Not very helpful when you are trying to get an economy back off its knees, or trying to design the systems required to get your company through these miserable times.

Reminds me of JFK - "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country." BSM should make you ask what's in it for the company, not what's in it for me?

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