The continuing lack of communication

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In an earlier entry, I bored you rigid with the tale of my buying a new PC. The good news is that it has arrived and works beautifully - I even have to grudgingly admit that WINDOWS 7 seems to be OK (I think the secret with WINDOWS is to skip versions?)

However, perhaps it's me, but communication between me and the maker leaves a lot to be desired!

My email:

Dear X

Never got the confirmation email that the system said I should get, but I did get a computerised phone message end of last week. The PC arrived safe and sound yesterday. All working fine.

Their response:

Order confirmations are sent by email immediately after the order is confirmed, however I will resend the confirmation now.

I still haven't received the original email or the alleged resend. It doesn't actually matter as I have the PC, but something is obviously wrong with their system and their total inability to understand my problem. Yes, I have checked that my email id is stored correctly.

They have now sent me a customer feedback survey to see if I am happy with their handling of my question. Guess what? NO I AM NOT. But it will probably make no difference as I am not convinced that anyone ever reads those things anyway???

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