School holidays

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I can tell the children are on holiday this week - lots of youths wandering around with vertically challenged trousers defying the laws of gravity, terrified parents pretending to be relaxed whilst being driven round by their offspring, and my Internet connection going up and down like a yo-yo.

I supposedly have the "best" (define best!) broadband provider in the country. Why then does their service suffer every time there is a school holiday or when the little darlings come home in the evening from school?

It is, of course, because they have to spend several hours on Facebook, a site which frankly does very little for me, but hey I am of a generation which values face-to-face conversation. I am also of a generation/mindset which thinks systems should be available, and that rebooting something in the middle of the day is unacceptable. 

Capacity planning anyone?

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