BSM for (our) Government?

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As I have mentioned before, we are about to have a General Election in this country. After 12 or 13 years of gross incompetence, blatant lying and driving our economy to its knees the present incumbents are telling us we should vote for them as they know how to get us out of the mess they caused. They think we should spend more and more on creaking systems that don't really work.

The Opposition, who should be winning by a mile, have unfortunately squandered all the opportunities that the last 12 years presented to blast the current lot out of the water, so we are not sure how good they will be at running  the country. They think we should cut back on unnecessary spending and run things more efficiently. We're not sure if they know how to do this.  

As an example of the sort of thing that happens here, take a look at this.

Wouldn't it be nice if we had BSM for Governments? Decisions made on what is best for the country rather than the politician's pockets. Systems killed if they are not needed. Experts used to run IT. People sacked for incompetence.

Dream on Armstrong.

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It should be pretty easy to do really - just take the manifesto as an SLA and then measure it to see if they get anything right.

Using the alert by exception rule, combined with the assumption that they will not deliver what they promise and we have a lovely screen of ... red I guess.

So how do you like the new PM, Peter?

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