Silence is golden? The PC saga continues.

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For those of an advanced age like myself, you may recognise "Silence is Golden" as being a fairly awful song from the 60s by the Tremeloes. For the younger readers, Chip Hawkes played bass for them and is the father of one-hit wonder Chesney Hawkes. Who says you learn nothing from blogs?!?

Anyway, having ordered my wife's new PC at the weekend, I had thought that by now I would have received an email saying thanks. However, nothing from them, not a sausage, just a recommendation to use their order tracking system. Unfortunately the order tracking system doesn't work until they have taken your money, which they haven't done yet. Now that does surprise me as most people nowadays take your money in a nanosecond and then take ages to actually deliver anything.

Anyway, all this silence reminds me of sitting in airports waiting for planes. Tell me it is going to be late and how long I have to wait and I'm frankly not too worried. Tell me nothing and I'm climbing up the walls. Worst was Shanghai, where it took me an hour to find anyone who actually spoke a word of English and then all I got was "Plane late". Gosh, you don't say, and could that be due to the fact that we have thick fog outside do you think? 

The plane eventually arrived several hours late and I missed my connection to London in Beijing, but BA (to whom I had spoken on the 'phone from Shanghai) had rerouted me through Hong Kong and got me back to London with no problems. People are rude about BA, but they have always looked after me brilliantly, which is why they got a lot of business from me over the years.

Back to the PC - I have sent them an email asking what is going on - no response yet. Will keep you posted. 

Reminds me of another song from the 60s - Keep The Customer Satisfied, by Simon and Garfunkel. 

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