A new PC - a new set of problems?

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My wife's PC has decided it is bored with life and is shuffling off this mortal coil, curling up its tootsies, kicking the bucket, joining the great PC graveyard in the sky. Not the end of the world, and I found a good deal out on the web with a well-known PC manufacturer.

Being a new PC it comes, of course, with Windows 7 (even though I would frankly be perfectly happy with XP, but that is not offered as an option). Again, not the end of the world, as I helped a neighbour with her new Windows 7 laptop recently and I thought 7 was a lot better than Vista, which I don't like.

As I was looking through the old machine to see what was on it and what needed transferring, I entered that frightening world of compatibility and drivers. I haven't checked the printer yet as I can always plug that into another machine, but the wireless adapter is pretty important. (By the way, why do all the wireless adapter instructions start by asking if you are connected to the Internet? No, you bloody idiot, that's why I'm installing the device in the first place!)  

So I start an online chat with the (very well-known) adapter manufacturer. Does the adapter work with 7? Of course not! Do they have the drivers for 7? Of course not! When will the drivers be ready? We don't know! In other words, buy a new one. (If you don't believe me, try searching for USB wireless adapter Windows 7 driver on the Internet and look at the string of problems people are having).

I went back to the PC website as I seemed to remember an optional wireless PCIe card being on there. Yes it is, but you can't ask for it when configuring the machine. Also there are two versions of the card and I don't know which one I want. So I start an online chat with another far-flung outpost of our lost empire. 

You have to buy a new USB wireless adapter. 
Why won't the (optional, listed on tech specs) card work?
I don't know, I'm in sales - try contacting technical support please.

Only one small problem - technical support wants you to pay money to talk to them, which I refuse to do when I am trying to buy something.

So what did I do? I went to a local PC shop and asked what they had - two minutes later I had a new USB adapter, and very precise instructions on how to install it under Windows 7. If I have any problems I can go back there and get assistance easily. Service! What a joy!

Now all I need is for the new PC to arrive!

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