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The title of this blog will bring back memories to some older readers - it was the name used for a cleaner you could buy years ago. The reason for my twisted pun will become clear soon.

I read an article in the paper the other  day, which explained that those wondrous people in charge of this country (or incompetent idiots as we like to call them over here) are trying to persuade us all to upgrade to the latest and greatest radio technology - DAB. Whizzo / hooray I hear the techno-freaks cry, but I am afraid at this point I need to put on my "hang on a minute" hat:

  • They claim better reception - not actually true, the signal frequently dies
  • They tell you what program you are listening to - my current radio has been doing that for years
  • They use considerably more electricity, which is not good for the planet
So, no great advantages yet.  Also, what our esteemed rulers want to do when enough people have bought a DAB thing, is to TURN OFF ordinary FM radio. So what, you may think - ah, there lies the rub:

  • You can get digital radio via your cable - yep I've got that and use it, but
  • You have to throw away your old radios and hifis, as they won't work - ouch. What a waste of money, and also not great for the environment.
  • You have to buy a new car as your car radio doesn't work any more - WHAT!?!?!?

Yes, the part they conveniently forget to tell you, is that your car radio will be useless - no more music, no more traffic reports, no more news etc. 

So, could all of you in the UK please NOT buy a DAB radio as it is not the technical wonder you think it is and there is a hidden agenda that the techies have forgotten to tell you about. I am not being a Luddite - I am being a responsible advisor telling you the implications of your proposed upgrade. Some new technologies are magic - I just don't happen to think this is one of them.

If you can't work out the connection between that and the way some IT departments / techies work, then I give up!! 

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