The Changing Nature of Innovation

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I have started a mini-series in The Agile Executive on the subject of innovation. Part I discusses new forms of experimentation. Part II is about US national policy. Part III, to be posted early next week, will address Open Innovation.

I have preliminary thoughts about Part IV and Part V of the mini-series. I would, however, like to keep the mini-series open to contributions from readers and experts of BSM Review. The number of WW IT professionals is about 15M. Innovation, particulary in Business Service Management, is, I am sure, on the mind of many of them. I plan to tap into the wisdom of this "crowd."

Please post a reply, compose a guest post, or just send an email to

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My complete reply is posted in Israel's Agile blog. However, I’ll note that BSM is about improving the business decision making process through the use and management of IT. It’s unfortunate that in our effort to speed up IT, it seems we are becoming more short sighted ...and hence riskier in business dealings. With increased government oversight into business proceedings, increased regulation and compliance requirements, and the tendency for emphasis on short term gains vs. long term objectives ...the longer term outlook for effective business decisions is disquieting …and the need for effective BSM even more pressing as time moves on.

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