Not Exactly Lean IT

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A survey of UK workers reveals that IT folk are the least fit of all job positions.  Nice.  And that's in the UK, so you can imagine what the stats are like for the US - in states like Texas, for example!

In the interest of "science," we decided to take a close look at the daily menu of your average service-desk employee in a Fortune-100 company. Here's what we discovered [results may vary depending on geographic location]:

7 am:
- Tacquitos with eggs and cheese (2)
- Bagel with cream cheese
- Bag of donut holes (small)
- Starbucks Iced-Frappuccino

8 am:
- Dr. Pepper (to stay awake during first meeting of the day)

9 am:
- Blueberry muffin (2-3) with butter

11 am:
- Dr. Pepper (to stay awake during second meeting of the day)

12 am (working though lunch):
- popcorn (because it is free, and it makes the boss feel guilty as he step out to lunch at the steak house down the street)
- Starbucks Iced-Frappuccino

1 pm:
- chocolate chip cookies (because they were just sitting there)

2 pm:
- Smoothie break at Smoothie-King

3 pm:
- lunch at an all-you-can-eat buffet (typically fried seafood, fried Tex Mex, or fried Chinese)

5 pm:
- Dr. Pepper (to stay awake during fifth meeting of the day)

6 pm (the drive home):
- Starbucks Iced-Frappuccino

8 pm (hanging out with nerds at the Pig'n'Whistle):
-  fried anything
- Dr. Pepper

10 pm (back home watching TV):
- bowl of pista-pistachio ice cream
- Dr. Pepper

[repeat next day]

Not exactly conducive to lean IT, is it?  Maybe they need to include dietary guidelines in ITIL v4!

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Listen to this: Junk food elicits addictive behavior in rats similar to the behaviors of rats addicted to heroin, a new study finds. Pleasure centers in the brains of rats addicted to high-fat, high-calorie diets became less responsive as the... Read More


Thanks for the holiday humor in providing typical IT diet. I would venture that the indulgence in Dr. Pepper, fried foods and pastries are probably tied to job stress which IT again has dubious distinctions!

On a more serious note, I would suggest to readers of this blog to take a look at the recently published "Leading Lean Software Development: Results Are not the Point" by Mary and Tom Poppendieck.
The focus, as the title implies, is on lean software development. Much of the analysis, however, applies to Lean IT. Some to Agile Business Service Management.


I must congratulate the US on being the only nation on earth, which could take toothpaste and turn it into a drink - Dr Pepper - and polystyrene packaging material and turn it into a foodstuff - popcorn!
I hate to think what an iced-frappucino is. Fortunately I (my stomach) gave up coffee years ago, as I wouldn't have a clue how to order one nowadays. What happened to black or white? Or is that politically incorrect now?

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