Business Service Management Industry Maturity: The Leaders and the Slackers

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One way to decide which industries are the leaders in Business Service Management (BSM) is to look at the industries which are most interested in cloud computing. Perhaps that's too much of stretch, but if you go with this assumption for a minute, here's what we get:

   1. Financial services (12%)
   2. Manufacturing (10%)
   3. Business and management services (10%)
   4. Telecommunications and equipment (9%)
   5. Government (7%)
   6. Insurance (6%)
   7. Oil, gas and electric (5%)
   8. Professional/specialized services (5%)
   9. Schools and education services (4%)
  10. Food (4%)
  11. Retail (4%)
  12. Healthcare (4%)
  13. Media (3%)
  14. Chemical and pharmaceutical (3%)
  15. Military and National Security (3%)
  16. Freight services (2%)
  17. Energy management (2%)
  18. Membership organizations (2%)
  19. Commercial physical research (1%)
  20. Other (4%)

The data comes from Thomas Bittman's blog post: "Cloud Computing Inquiries at Gartner".

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