Watch: Malcolm Fry on How to Improve Productivity by 40%

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Now this is business service management at its finest! Watch as BSM guru Malcolm Fry explains the way to higher productivity >>... Read More

Malcolm Fry does a nice job with his parable of the "Keeper of the Forms." It starts off a bit slowly, but really picks up around the 3:40 mark. And, as usual, with everything Malcolm says, there's a real lesson... Read More

Business Service Management (BSM) is a process, a mindset, not a product (as Peter Armstrong would say) so it is not a technology in the first place.  It is strategic, however, so let's take a quick look at each of... Read More


Malcolm - loved the video! ...and yes, we need corporate slappers. I'd love the job. My frustration at the constant negative inputs of certain co-workers matter what the suggestion or conclusion, is one of the prime inhibitors to "good" change and to legitimate business improvements.

At last, the job I have been looking for for years - I hate meetings, and I especially hate meetings with negative idiots in them.

It reminds me of an idea I floated to a TV company (but failed), called Eviction where the public vote the most unpopular people out of the country every week. Then Tony Blair resigned anyway.

Brilliant idea Malcolm

One of my colleagues is actually working on a workshop entitled Collaboration for Non-collaborators...

Sorry, I can't specifuy the name of my colleague and of the company...


Malcolm, here's the Harvard answer to your question:

I think yours is more effective!


We should use this portal to have people apply for the job of Corporate Slappers. You can interview them for ability, appropriateness, technique and skills!

I'll apply for the role as ITIL slapper!

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