BSM in the Data Center

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Embedding BSM in the Data Center is no longer an option but a necessity for those looking for a long term career. As more options for sourcing enterprise IT services continue to present themselves, they are backed up by more by industry and business 'experts' eager and ready to relegate IT to a completely outsources utility model. They say liars figure and figures lie, just so - apparently compelling justifications can be created that demonstrate the way to IT nirvana lies in pushing the burden out the door. No one in IT can assume a secure future without their value and contribution to the organization being consistently made apparent.

This isn't to say that outsourcing isn't a valuable and viable business model. It's just that it's not the only useful or appropriate operating model. There are few better ways to demonstrate the value of in-house IT operations than to follow the BSM model.

Tom Bishop's analysis, especially of the 'S' in BSM hits the nail on the head. IT staff let alone IT management cannot afford to imagine themselves as separate from and independent of the entity in which they work. They, as much as any front-line, customer-facing sales rep or manufacturing floor worker or PR representative have to understand how they contribute to the success of their enterprise AND exercise their own creativity and initiative to expand and enhance their contribution.  BSM is a term that covers a multiplicity of tactical activities and actions but behind it all is pro-active, individual initiative and responsibility to achieve the goals of the enterprise.

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